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TDA is dedicated to the utmost professionalism in every aspect of our relationship with providers and members.

TDA has created dental plans that excel at meeting both patient and provider needs. With the personal attention and variety of tools designed to simplify your life, you'll see why TDA is leading the way in provider satisfaction.


Plan Design with Equitable Compensation

TDA is committed to enhancing the profitability of your dental practice. It is our mission to present programs that recognize the dentists need to be equitably compensated. The following summarizes three of TDA’s basic plan designs:

  • PPO Plans: An indemnity product with fees based upon the TDA-PPO fee schedule. Members are incentivized to receive “In-Network” care through higher co-insurance payments that result in lower out of pocket costs. The PPO dentist benefits from an expanding patient base and from patients that can now afford dental care.
  • TDA Discount and Access Plans: These are referral and discount plans that are easy to administer and expands your patient base.
  • DHMO/Prepaid Plans: A DHMO/prepaid plan that reimburses dentists on highly utilized services, patient co-pays and monthly premium payments. Finally a plan that equitably compensates you while appealing to the needs of your patients.

Why is TDA the best option for your practice?

Because no other dental insurance company is working harder for your continued success than TDA.

How do we do that? By providing sensible plan options that give members the choice they need to access optimal service at the best value. Members that have great plan options will want great providers to fulfill those services. Our customizable plans create a large pool of members in your area, presenting you with excellent opportunities to grow your business.

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